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Semirimorchio Gervasi COBRA KR 46H ultraleggero con gru.
Telaio 3 assi, pneumatico, freni a disco, gomme 385/65 R22,5, cerchi in lega, 1° asse sollevabile e 3° sterzante
Cassone ribaltabile posteriore Gervasi in Hardox, fondo 5mm e pareti 4mm, capacità 46mc, pistone frontale con gru caricatrice e polipo con rotore.
Tara 12.200 kg

Prezzi di lancio con possibilità di immatricolazione entro fine anno.
Ideale per raccolta e trasporto rottame.

COBRA KR Ultra light-weight semitrailer. HB450 steel body.
Gervasi chassis made in high resistance steel
Possible installation of crane at Client’s choice
N.3 single axles with pneumatic suspension
Disk brakes with ABS+EBS
Tyres 385/62R22,5
1° lifting axle and 3° selfsteering axle
Tipping cilynder built-in into the front side, with adjustable limit switch and safety
blocking valve (upon request)
Tipping body in HB450 wear-resistant steel reinforced with folded steel original
Gervasi edges
Rear lowered with straight loading bed
Tare from 9.800 kg with crane
Body length from 7,5 to 11 m
Capacity from 30 to 70 mc
Large possibility of customization.
Suitable for transport scrap metal, waste and recyclables.

TAGS: rottame, rifiuti, riciclabili, scrap metal, waste, recyclables, ferrailles, dechèt, metal scrap, ferraille
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